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Landscapes of Exploration


11/02/2012 to 31/03/2012
10.00am - 5.00pm

Landscapes of Exploration

14 January – 21 January  

Landscapes of Exploration foregrounds the role of contemporary art in examining Antarctica. What perspectives can art offer on this terra incognita, a forbidding environment where the temperature rarely rises above freezing, yet one which for scientists offers a wealth of geological and glacial data including indicators of climate change.

Ten visual artists, one musician and three writers undertook residencies in the Antarctic between 2001 and 2009, under the auspices of the British Antarctic Survey, supported by Arts Council England. This exhibition will bring together for the first time art resulting from the various artistic investigations, offering an opportunity to reflect upon the very different subject matter, media and responses evident in the range of work produced.
An accompanying series of lectures are being run to expand on the artists interpretation of the Scott 100 events.

Visit the Lectures Home page for futher details

The exhibition will be made available to tour to other venues, UK and elsewhere, April 2012 – Summer 2013. 

Artists & Writers

 Keith Grant (Painter) 2001-2

Philip Hughes (Painter) 2001-2

John Kelly (Forensic Artist) 2002-3

Craig Vear (Composer) 2003-4

Jon McGregor (Writer) 2004-5
Simon Faithfull (Artist) 2004-5
Layla Curtis (Artist) 2005-6

Jean McNeil (Writer) 2005-6

Anne Brodie (Hot glass maker) 2006-7

Chris Drury (Landscape artist) 2006-7

Melanie Challenger (Poet) 2007-8

David Wheeler (Theatre artist/Director) 2007-8

Chris Dobrowolski (Artist) 2008-9
Neville Gabie (Visual artist/Film maker) 2008-9

Location Contact Phone Further Information
Roland Levinsky Building Peninsula Arts Gallery Peninsula Arts 01752 58 50 50 Further information

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