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Centre for Excellence in Professional Placement Learning (CEPPL)


The Centre for Excellence in Professional Placement Learning (CEPPL) is one of four CETLs awarded to the University of Plymouth and funded by the Higher Education Funding Council.

The CEPPL hopes to engage with all those who have an interest in placement or practice learning - academics, educators in practice, students, service users and employers to name but a few. For further information please visit:   

The CEPPL has as its mission the enhancement of placement or practice learning to the benefit of students, educators (Higher Education and practice based), and service users. While the Centre is located within the Health and Social Care arena, it anticipates that much of its work may be disseminated to any discipline incorporating a placement or practice component. The Centre’s work is two-fold: 

1. To develop best practice in various key aspects of placement learning provision. These include; the preparation and training of staff, supporting students with disabilities, assessment in practice, evaluating inter-professional learning, auditing and enhancing the placement learning context, objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), enhancing library access, enhancing placement learning via mobile technology

2. To develop new, innovative placement opportunities for students, with an explicitly transformative agenda. These placements seek to assist in the provision of health and social care to historically marginalised groups such as refugees, asylum seekers, people who are homeless, and carers of chronically ill individuals amongst others. New placements will be informed by the work of the development activities such that best practice is embedded and sustained in all new initiatives.

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For further information or enquiries, please visit the CEPPL website at: (opens in new window)

tel: (01752) 238 652

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